Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking multiple cups of black tea (as opposed to green or other tea) with or without milk was linked to a substantially lower risk of fractures in older women who participated in the Calcium Intake Fracture Outcome Study (CAIFOS) and were followed for a mean of 5 years. Specifically, in more than 1000 women with … Continued

Risk Factors for Osteoporosis and Aging

Here are some risk factors for osteoporosis and aging include: – being chronically underweight – drinking > 3 caffeinated beverages a day (see Friday’s 2/28/2014 post on why) – prolonged steroid use – early or surgical menopause – no weight training

Risk Factor for Osteoporosis

Did you know that drinking more than 3 caffeinated beverages a day is a risk factor for osteoporosis? The caffeine stimulates your body to produce more cortisol and adrenaline which ages not only your bones, but every cell in your body!

Physical Exercise

Research confirms that while both mental and physical exercise are beneficial in preventing age-related cognitive decline and dementia, physical exercise shows the most benefit in reducing these deficits as we age.

Bed Rest

Prolonged bed rest is no longer supported by research as a treatment for low back pain. Current knowledge on aging shows that any bed rest of > 2 days is NOT only detrimental to back health but overall health as well. Current knowledge on aging shows that one month of bed rest = 5-6 years … Continued

Bone Mass Loss

The aging adult loses approximately 1% of bone mass per year after age 20. Starting in our 30’s there is a decline in balance mostly due to a strength deficit. Stronger muscles = stronger bones.

Adipose Tissue

The best predictor of disability as we age is how much adipose tissue you have. Don’t worry too much about gaining a little bit of weight as you weight train since muscle is more dense than fat. Reference: Wong E., et al: Adiposity measures as predictors of long-term physical disability. Ann Epidemiol. 2012;22(10)710-6.

Hip Fracture

Did you know that current research on aging finds that approximately 50% of people who fracture a hip never regain full walking?

Aging Fact

Here’s what the current research on aging shows: People who engage in EVEN ONE of these habits can boost the risk of early death by 80%: – smoking – drinking too much alcohol – eating a poor diet – skipping exercise