Acupuncture and Exercise

According to medical experts who presented scientific data at the North America Spine Society‚Äôs Evidence and Technology Spine Summit 2015, acupuncture seems to work best when combined with exercise rather than as a stand-alone treatment. It also, when compared to a sham treatment, was found to have similar results and was not as helpful in … Continued

Massage Therapy and Exercise

According to Ryan A. Tauzell MA, PT, MDT who presented at North America Spine Society (NASS) Summit 2015, massage therapy does seem to have a more beneficial effect when combined with exercise and was more effective in chronic over acute pain. Manual Medicine, however has the most scientific reports favoring its use in acute pain, … Continued

Acupressure and Trigger Point Injections

Acupressure and trigger point injections were one of the topics presented at the North American Spine Society Summit 2015 by E. Kano Mayer MD from the Cleveland Clinic. Numerous studies showed that neither procedure demonstrated superiority to other treatments; in fact, they were not as helpful as patients receiving exercise alone.

Newer Traction / Decompression Devices

William Sullivan, MD, University of Colorado, spoke at the North American Spine Society Summit 2015 on the newer traction/decompression devices (that can cost out of pocket in WNY between $2,500 – $8,500 for 12-20 treatments) as being no more effective than the older traction devices. The older traction devices provided by some physical therapists and … Continued