Herniated Disc vs. Facet Joints

Many patients ask me how to differentiate between symptoms from a disc herniation and joint pain from the Facet Joints. Usually static postures such as sitting in a flexed posture increases disc pressure compared to standing and walking. So think disc herniation when you are worse with sitting and driving. Symptoms from the Facet Joints … Continued

Misleading Terms in Spine Care

Spine terms that need to go!! The following terms in spine care are misleading and do not describe how discs herniate: Disc Rupture and Slipped Disc. First, discs do not rupture nor slip. When a disc herniates the nucleus (inner 2/3) it has to “worm” its way through the cartilage (outer 1/3 of the disc … Continued

Herniated Disc Size

Did you know that the size of a herniated disc doesn’t matter and in fact, larger disc herniations have been shown to reduce in size, often more quickly than smaller disc protrusions? It is NOT the size of the herniation that determines surgical intervention but how that herniation has affected the patient by causing progressive … Continued

Herniated Disc and Exercise

Did you know that exercise are able to reduce the disc material that herniates back into the center of the disc?

Press Ups and Back Bends

Prone press ups and standing back bends have been shown to reduce disc herniations and re-hydrate discs after sitting (which decreases the water content of disc and its height). So when you get up from sitting in your car, at work or home, do 10-20 standing back bends and reverse the negative effects of sitting. … Continued