Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain is second only to low back pain in its frequency to office visits to physicians. Do you know the risk factors for developing chronic neck pain? Age > 40 Co-existing Low Back Pain Sitting Long history of neck pain Bicycling as a regular activity Loss of strength in the hands Worrisome attitude Poor … Continued

Text Neck Headaches

For headaches due to text neck try cervical retractions with chin tucks – hold for 3 minutes and release.

Forward Head Posture vs “Text Neck”

Forward Head Posture vs “Text Neck” Is there a difference? What is the difference? The older, more familiar term, forward head posture is characterized by the ear forwardly positioned in front of the shoulder. In general the more the forward position the more the head will way in relationship to the lower discs in the … Continued

What is “Text Neck”?

The so-called “Text Neck” results from looking down while texting on a smartphone, tablet or working on a laptop computer. This leads to flexion of both the upper and lower cervical spine. As a difference, from the forward head posture, this leads to a higher chance for cervical disc herniations and less likelihood for headaches. … Continued

Working in Cramped Spaces

What if you have a job that can only be performed in cramped spaces or with the head and neck in awkward positions? Under these circumstances, you may not be able to prevent the onset of neck pain just by assuming the correct posture. Exercises that retract the head and allow for neck extension in … Continued

Common Cause of Neck Pain

After sitting, the next most common cause of neck pain is due to postural stress in the lying position. It may be due to the surface on which you sleep or the position in which you sleep. One is easy to fix, the other will take a bit more time and expertise. Generic polyester and … Continued

Postural Stresses

Did you know that the most common form of neck pain is caused by overstretching of ligaments due to postural stresses? Of these postural stresses, poor sitting posture, especially sitting with the head protruded, is by far the one most often at fault.