Women Lifting Weights

Here is a surprising fact: Women who lift weights, even if they use heavy dumbbells won’t bulk up muscularly. Here’s why: Women have less muscle tissue and produce lower levels of testosterone than men, so they’re less likely to bulk up from lifting weights.

Benefits to Weight Training

52 weeks of weight training twice a week has the same effect as bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Actonel/Atelvia, Reclast and Boniva) on bone mineral density. Additional benefits to weight training over taking a pill are: Increase in strength Better balance (strength is the biggest deficit in balance Reorganizes your bone columns so they are less likely to … Continued

Weight Machines VS. Free Weights

Are weight machines better and safer than free weights? We can gain 140% more strength with free weights than machines. Many weight machines are used in the seated position which increases disc pressure about 150% over standing. What we lift in real life are forms of free weights such as laundry baskets, grocery bags, small … Continued

Age and Strength Training

Are you ever too old to benefit from strength training? NO! We maintain the ability to increase our strength no matter how old we are. We can do this through progressive resistance strength training, a type of strength training that uses free weights or elastic bands to strengthen muscles. Eight weeks of progressive resistance exercise … Continued